For years, Contact Lenses have been seen as an alternative to Spectacles. This is no longer the case. There are now a wide range of Contact Lens designs available which mean that Contact Lenses and Spectacles are now interchangeable.

Many people with high prescriptions, astigmatism and the need for Varifocals and Bifocals have felt that they would not be suitable for Contact Lens wear. Modern Contact Lens Technology has seen the development of a wide range of lenses which mean that the majority of spectacle wearers can now wear Contact Lenses.

We will advise you on the type of Contact Lens which will be best suited to you, in both their prescription and visual needs. To enable this to be carried out effectively we are able to select lenses from a wide range of designs supplied by the leading Contact Lens Manufacturers. A Contact Lens trial is carried after the initial sight test and would take approx 40 mins to 1 hour.

There are four main types of lenses, all of which have designs which cover the majority of prescriptions.

Frequent Replacement Lenses - Currently the most popular Contact Lenses. These Lenses are designed to be worn for a given period e.g. one month, and are then replaced by a fresh pair of the same specification. The advantages of wearing lenses in this way are that lenses do not deteriorate with wear and the vision remains clear and the eye healthy.

Daily Disposable Lenses - These lenses are designed to be worn once and then disposed of. The main advantages being that cleaning systems are not required and that the lenses are ideal for the sporty type.

Conventional Lenses - These lenses are used where the two types above are not suitable and are worn on a daily basis and the lenses changed annually.

Extended Wear Lenses - The extended wear lens is made from an advanced material which enables the lenses to be worn for up to four weeks without being removed. They are especially useful for some patients who have problems in handling lenses or whose occupations make the regular removal of lenses difficult.